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M.S.Union was established in Bangkok in 1979 to supply cosmetic packaging and accessories. With our experience toward many factories in Asia and Europe, we are able to serve a wide variety of clients and has demonstrated over the years; the ability to satisfy the needs of large multinationals as well as medium and small local customers, the ability to control and working together with suppliers.

Beside the best service and good processes of quality control, we are committed to work as partnership and create a long relation toward Trust, Loyalty and Creativity.

M.S.Union Enterprise Co.,Ltd. is one of acheiving company in Thailand among M.S.Group. The group which consists of 3 countries ; Thailand, Taiwan and China, has been supplying cosmetic packaging products and accessories for more than 20 years.

Our experience and broad diversification, with factories in Asia and Europe enables us to supply cosmetic packaging which is standard mould. MS Union also helps you to create an exclusive packaging to customer specification including design and developing mould. With customer service, one of our top priorities, M.S. Union is one of the foremost suppliers of packaging to cosmetics industry globally.


M.S. Union provides supports and services to our customers which covers 5 parts as the following:

Design : We Provide new trend for excusive design of packaging according to customers requests. Graphic 3D presents by our design team and develops prototype for customer evaluation.

Product Sourcing : Outsourcing for all kinds of common packaging for cosmetic and personal care products. With our experiences on multination toward many factories in Asia and Europe, we have ability to find and work with all foreign and local suppliers.

Supplier Evaluation : We provide information of selected suppliers to customers, covering 4 areas : company profile , Production ability , General Housekeeping , and Quality Control level. This was done by visiting all suppliers and keep continue for every year. To evaluate and compare with customer needs and helps to recommend with right supplier.

Inspection / Quality Check : Normal inspection will be applied for every products by our QC department according to international standard. Following by agreement on quality and sample approval by customer, we will ensure to deliver all packaging with good quality. Also, customers will be provided with technical support from suppliers for standard testing.
Warehouse & Logistics : With area more than 2,000 sq.m , our warehouse is equipped by computerized system to control stock number. All of products is kept under good condition and will ready to deliver upon customer requested. We also provide more services for special requests such as re-packed under our own facilities.

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