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The cosmetic industry has become increasingly competitive in recent years. Overcapacity and tight margin on corporate profitability and growth have forced companies in the industry to develop new product line-ups in the search for new markets and new business opportunities. However, large-scale ventures entail large-scale risks and call for large manufacturing and marketing resources.

As one of Thailand most innovative and active company in research and production technology together with marketing experience in cosmetic field. M.S.Beautyline provides a wide range of color cosmetics and skin care products under brand “ YC" and "Juice Up" with marketing support services.
And we are professional of Private Label (OEM) for your own brand. We made more than 100 Brands in many countries as U.S.A., Dubai, Pakistan, Oman, Japan, Sudan, South Africa etc. We can create all of you need from your idea to be Quality Product, we have experience designer to support your idea, we have professional shipping team, we are skin care one stop service for you.

Working together as partnership along with trust and honestly to create and develop new products to meet critical market windows, turn to M.S. Beautyline. It could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Support & Service
M.S. Beautyline are mainly originally manufactured under private label the product to our customers or OEM basic, and also provides a large portion of overall production, designs in-house the products that are branded by the customers or called “ODM”. Moreover, under ODM, we give the total solution services to our customers which are:
1. Product Inquiry/Consulting:
Give customer consultation and an advice regarding products’ requirement and new product introduction.
2. Developing ideas to meet customers’ satisfaction:
Product quality checked, reasonable prices and prompt delivery service are essential factors to enhance customer satisfaction.
3. Product Design:
Designing an item, product’s package, product description as well as translation.
4. Research and Development:
New or improve product’s formula and package development.
5. Production and Quality Control:
All products are produced under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO 8801:2000 and tested quality and stability as international standard requirement
6. Logistics and Supply Chain
Our Partner
M.S.Union Enterprise Co.,Ltd
Bhaet Sa-ad Laboratories Co.,Ltd
Chaicharoen Printing & Packaging Co.,Ltd


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